The Morgano's History Is Capri's History

There is one family on Capri which has become legendary for their warm island hospitality.

The Morgano family: from family restaurants to luxury hotels, we have been welcoming visitors to Capri with a smile for generations.

More than a century of history...


Caffè Morgano

Giuseppe and Lucia Morgano took over the Zum Kater Hiddigeigei café, tranforming it into an evening meeting place for German travellers. Here they sold beer and provisions, along with books, paper, swimming costumes, and other sundry items difficult to find elsewhere on the island....

The writer Compton MacKenzie wrote: "Receiving a glass of vermouth from the hands of the Lady Lucia Morgano is like drinking from the miraculous breast of Mother Earth".

Morgano Family
Morgano Family

Lo Splendid Becomes Tiberio

Giuseppe Morgano purchased the Albergo Splendid on Via Croce, renaming it the Tiberio but leaving it to be managed by the SIA (the Italian Hoteliers Association). In 1932, the SIA's lease expired for the management, and young Mario Morgano stayed up all night with his grandmother waiting to see if the SIA would renew their lease. They didn't, and the family was then able to take over its management. Angela e Lucia Morgano completely renovated the building and reopened in 1934 as the Hotel Morgano Tiberio.


La Dolce Vita Begins

Princess Margaret spent her holiday on Capri at the Morgano Tiberio, and was followed by a crowd of parapazzi each time she left the hotel. Writer Camilla Cederna managed to slip past the Scotland Yard guards by getting the officers tipsy, and snuck into the princess' room to discover that she used leather curlers. This ushered in the era of the Dolce Vita and Capri as a retreat for the Hollywood elite.

Morgano Family
Morgano Family

The Pazziella is Born

Mario and Pina Morgano bought the land where the Pazziella was built. The name comes from a comment made by Angela Morgano on the "crazy" ease with which this tiny hotel was constructed: with just 7 rooms and family-run, it was the first boutique hotel on the island of Capri and stayed open all year round to accommodate the winter tourism popular during that time.


La Scalinatella Opens

Mario and Pina purchased a villa along Via Tagara as their private home. When the Pazziella was full, the couple would sometimes host their most loyal clientele at their home, which was so breathtaking that guests soon began requesting to stay there rather than at the Pazziella or the Quisisana. Thus "La Scalinatella" was born.

Morgano Family
Morgano Family

A Dream Comes True

Mario Morgano purchased Il Quisisana. It had been his grandfather Giuseppe's dream, and the Tiberio was in many ways an emulation of Il Quisisana's elegance. His uncle Nicolino had made an unsuccessful offer for the hotel in 1955, but with this purchase the hotel soon returned to its former glory after a period of management by Grundig.

Morgano Family

Enrico Runs La Scalinatella

While Mario was busy bringing Il Quisisana back to its former glory, his son Enrico dedicated his energy to managing La Scalinatella and developing it into a model for small luxury hotels, which soon became known as "boutique hotels".


The Fantastic 80's

In just a few short years, Mario Morgano and Pina Morgano restored Il Quisisana to its former splendor and it quickly became a world-class luxury hotel again. In 1986, it was listed with Leading Hotels of the World, and soon VIP guests including Tom Cruise, Spandau Ballet, and Duran Duran chose the complex for their stay on Capri. For the first time, guards were stationed at the entrance to keep fans at bay.

Morgano Family
Morgano Family

A New Casa for the Morgano Family

The Morgano family united to purchase Casa Morgano, the villa next door to La Scalinatella. Here they created another small luxury hotel similar to La Scalinatella and with the same breathtaking terraces overlooking the sea.


Important Recognitions

La Scalinatella was named by Condè Nast Traveller among the "World's Best Hotels" and Il Quisisana "Ideal Hotel in Italy".

Morgano Family
Morgano Family

Celebrating Alongside Italy

Il Quisisana celebrated its first 150 years the same year as Italy celebrated 150 years since the country's unification. And the story continues....


The history of the Morgano family continues...

After managing both La Scalinatella and Casa Morgano, Nicolino Morgano became the general manager of the Quisisana in Capri, following in the footsteps of his father, Mario.

Morgano Family